2018 BMW i8 Roadster

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Previewed by a concept believed to be production ready when it was first shown in Beijing four years ago,the BMW i8 Roadster has been delayed a number of times,but it’s finally on its way to enter the brand’s portfolio.
During the same event, the BMW official confirmed that the i3, with its upgraded battery that can provide a total driving range of 300 km (186 miles), up from the previous 190 km (118 miles), has been very well received by customers and described the orders for the ‘green’ hatch as “very positive”.
Krueger declined to talk about the car’s spec sheet,but previous info reveals that it will benefit from a longer-range battery and a more powerful electric motor over its current fixed-roof sibling.Speaking of which,the latter will also go through a few revisions and when it will finally be ready for the market, it will gain the same updates as the i8 Roadster.


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