2017 Acura MDX

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The Sport Hybrid’s SH-AWD setup shares its basic layout with that of the NSX supercar, albeit flipped 180 degrees to suit the front-engine MDX. As in the NSX,there is a V-6 engine with a supplemental electric motor at one end of the car and two electric motors located at the opposite end.

Here,the layout mimics that of the Acura RLX sedan’s Sport Hybrid variation, with the gas-fed V-6 and its integrated electric motor powering the front wheels and the twin electric motors feeding the rear wheels.Instead of the 3.5-liter engine in the regular MDX,the Sport Hybrid’s V-6 engine displaces 3.0 liters and incorporates a fuel-saving cylinder-deactivation feature.(We’re told the MDX’s packaging precluded the bigger six’s fitment together with the electric bits.)


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