2016 Borgward BX6 TS Concept

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One is called the Borgward BX5 and combines passion with pragmatism to inject a fresh breeze into the market segment for compact SUVs-a segment that is steadily becoming the most popular and successful sector in the whole of the automobile market.The other is a show car that we call the Borgward BX6 TS.With its strikingly dynamic looks and distinctive,coupe-like lines, this SUV sport saloon will spearhead our assault on the established circle of SUV coupes.

The Borgward BX6 TS is a completely different character. This model showcases the performance potential of the Borgward concept. Here, too, developers have opted for a turbocharged, direct-injection, four-cylinder engine-this time, however, with 2.0-litre capacity and power of 200 kW (240 hp). This, in turn, is coupled with a performance-enhanced electric motor delivering 110 kW (150 hp). If required, the combined muscle of these two power packs will deliver vigorous acceleration and propel the BX6 TS to the performance level of a highly tuned sports car. On the other hand, it is also perfectly capable of meeting the demands of a modest fuel economy when driven in the E-Cruising mode.


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