2016 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Automatic

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Attentive readers will know that we have already put not one, but two 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcats through our typical barrage of tests—one equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, the other an eight-speed automatic.For its second model year,Dodge left the powertrains untouched.This Challenger’s blown 6.2-liter V-8 still pushes the same tire-smoking 707 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels.

Our test car had the optional ($2995) eight-speed automatic that can swap ratios in as little as 160 milliseconds. So why put this essentially unchanged, approximately two-and-a-quarter-ton beast through our tests again? To quote technical editor K.C. Colwell, “Because it’s a Hellcat.”


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