2016 Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze Concept

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Interior – fascinating quantum leaps:
Volkswagen’s interiors are currently making quantum leaps.The designers concentrated on what really matters: creating a new spatial experience and completely redesigning the driver’s cockpit, making use of next-generation human-machine interface (HMI) and developing an entirely new control interface that, one day, will completely do away with buttons and switches. Yet this is no science fiction,but, rather,an early glimpse at where production models are heading in the medium-term. Volkswagen has already implemented an operating concept with almost no buttons on board the T-Cross Breeze. The convertible SUV builds the conceptual bridge to the BUDD-e, which was also presented in Geneva and saw its debut at the CES in Las Vegas in January 2016.With the exception of the control stalk, the power window switches and the buttons for opening and closing the soft top, all of the controls in the Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze are touch-sensitive surfaces or executed as completely new “by-wire” solutions. Gesture control also forms an integral part of the operating interface.The new HMI,with its coupled displays, is detached from the dashboard in a style similar to that of the zero-emission BUDD-e – this is the cockpit of the future. Last, but not least, it is apparent that elements that were formerly purely functional, such as the air vents, now merge with the contours of the interior.


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